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OOI Biogeochemical Sensor Data: Best Practices & User Guide, Version 1.0.0
Hilary I. Palevsky, Sophie Clayton, Dariia Atamanchuk, Roman Battisti, Jennifer Batryn, Annie Bourbonnais, Ellen M. Briggs, Filipa Carvalho, Alison P. Chase, Rachel Eveleth, Rob Fatland, Kristen E. Fogaren, Jonathan Peter Fram, Susan E. Hartman, Isabela Le Bras,
Cara C. M. Manning, Joseph A. Needoba, Merrie Beth Neely, Hilde Oliver, Andrew C. Reed, Jennie E. Rheuban, Christina Schallenberg, Michael F. Vardaro, Ian Walsh, Christopher Wingard (2022)
Ocean Best Practices System, in review



Pyisotopomer: A Python package for obtaining intramolecular isotope ratio differences from mass spectrometric analysis of nitrous oxide isotopocules
Colette L. Kelly, Cara Manning, Claudia Frey, Jan Kaiser, Noah Gluschankoff, and Karen L. Casciotti (2023)
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry


Interannual variability in methane and nitrous oxide concentrations and sea-air fluxes across the North American Arctic Ocean (2015–2019)
CCM Manning, Z Zheng, L Fenwick, RD McCulloch, E Damm, RW Izett, WJ Williams, S Zimmermann, S Vagle, and PD Tortell (2022)
Global Biogeochemical Cycles, e2021GB007185
Open access version (author’s accepted manuscript on EarthArXiv)



Technical note: Effects of iron(II) on fluorescence properties of dissolved organic matter at circumneutral pH
K Jia, CCM Manning, A Jollymore, and RD Beckie (2021)
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 25, 4983–4993 (open access)

Rapid advances in mobile mass spectrometry advance tracer hydrology and water resource management
AL Popp*, CCM Manning, and JLA Knapp (2021)
*All authors contributed equally
Water Resources Research, 57(6), e2021WR029890 (open access)

First estimation of the diffusive methane flux and concentrations from Lake Winnipeg, a large, shallow and eutrophic lake
R Mandryk, DW Capelle, CCM Manning, P Tortell, RD McCulloch, and T Papakyriakou (2021)
Journal of Great Lakes Research, 47(3), 741-750
Open access version 

Characterization of marine microbial communities around an Arctic seabed hydrocarbon seep at Scott Inlet, Baffin Bay
MA Cramm, B de Moura Neves, CCM Manning, TBP Oldenburg, P Archambault, A Chakraborty, A Cyr-Parent, EN Edinger, A Jaggi, A Mort, PD Tortell, and CRJ Hubert (2021)
Science of the Total Environment, 762, 143961 (open access)


Ideas and perspectives: A strategic assessment of methane and nitrous oxide measurements in the marine environment
ST Wilson, AN Al-Haj, A Bourbonnais, C Frey, RW Fulweiler, JD Kessler, HK Marchant, J Milucka, NE Ray, P Suntharalingham, BF Thornton, RC Upstill-Goddard, TS Weber, DL Arévalo-Martínez, HW Bange, HM Benway, D Bianchi, AV Borges, BX Chang, PM Crill, DA del Valle, L Farías, SB Joye, A Kock, J Labidi, CC Manning, JW Pohlman, G Rehder, KJ Sparrow, PD Tortell, T Treude, David L. Valentine, BB Ward, S Yang, and LN Yurganov (2020)
Biogeosciences, 17, 5809-5828 (open access)

River inflow dominates methane emissions in an Arctic coastal system
CC Manning, VL Preston, SF Jones, APM Michel, DP Nicholson, PJ Duke, M Ahmed, K Manganini, BGT Else, and PD Tortell (2020)
Geophysical Research Letters, 47, e2020GL087669
Open access version
US OCB Science highlight:


A new in situ method for tracing denitrification in riparian groundwater
AL Popp, CC Manning, MS Brennwald, R Kipfer (2020)
Environmental Science & Technology  54(3), 1562-1572
Open access version


Advancing knowledge of gas migration and fugitive gas from energy wells in northeast British Columbia, Canada
AG Cahill, R Beckie, B Ladd, E Sandl, M Goetz, J Chao, J Soares, C Manning, C Chopra, N Finke, I Hawthorne, A Black, K U Mayer, S Crowe, T Cary, R Lauer, B Mayer, A Allen, D Kirste, L Welch (2019)
Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology, 9, 134-151 (open access)


An intercomparison of oceanic methane and nitrous oxide measurements 
ST Wilson, HW Bange, DL Arevalo-Martinez, J Barnes, AV Borges, I Brown, JL Bullister, M Burgos, DW Capelle, M Casso, M de la Paz, L Farias, L Fenwick, S Ferron, G Garcia, M Glockzin, DM Karl, A Kock, S Laperriere, CS Law, CC Manning, A Marriner, J-P Myllykangas, JW Pohlman, AP Rees, AE Santoro, M Torres, PD Tortell, RC Upwstill-Goddard, DP Wisegarver, GL Zhang, G Rehder (2018)
Biogeosciences, 15, 5891-5907 (open access)


Revising estimates of aquatic gross oxygen production by the triple oxygen isotope method to incorporate the local isotopic composition of water
CC Manning
, EM Howard, DP Nicholson, B Ji, ZO Sandwith, and RHR Stanley (2017) 
Geophysical Research Letters, 44, 10,511–10,519
Paper: (open access)

Impact of recently upwelled water on productivity investigated using in situ and incubation-based methods
CC Manning
, RHR Stanley, DP Nicholson, JM Smith, JT Pennington, MR Fewings, ME Squibb, and FP Chavez (2017)
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 122 (open access)


Quantifying air-sea gas exchange using noble gases in a coastal upwelling zone
CC Manning, 
RHR Stanley, DP Nicholson, and ME Squibb (2016)
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science. 35, 012017, 13 pages
Paper: (open access)



Powerful insight into catalytic mechanisms through simultaneous monitoring of reactant, products and intermediates
KL Vikse, Z Ahmadi, CC Manning, DA Harrington, and JS McIndoe (2011)
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 50(36), 8304-8306
Open access version


Peer-reviewed technical reports

Assessment of fugitive natural gas on near-surface groundwater quality
B Ladd, CJC Van De Ven, J Chao, J Soares, T Cary, N Finke, C Manning, AL Popp, C Chopra, AG Cahill, KU Mayer, A Black, R Lauer, C van Geloven, L Welch, S Crowe, B Mayer, RD Beckie (2021)
Geoscience BC Project 2016-043 Final Report, Geoscience BC Report 2021-10, p. 1-20
Open access report

Controlled natural gas release experiment in a confined aquifer, northeastern British Columbia (NTS 094A/04): Activity report 2019-2020
CJC Van De Ven, AG Cahill, B Ladd, J Chao, J Soares, T Cary, N Finke, C Manning, AL Popp, C Chopra, KU Mayer, A Black, R Lauer, C van Geloven, L Welch, S Crowe, B Mayer, RD Beckie (2021)
Geoscience BC Summary of Activities 2020: Energy and Water, Geoscience BC, Report 2021-02, p. 135-144
Open access report

Controlled natural gas release experiment in a confined aquifer, northeastern British Columbia: activity report 2018-2019
AG Cahill, B Ladd, J Chao, J Soares, T Cary, N Finke, C Manning, AL Popp, C Chopra, KU Mayer, A Black, R Lauer, C van Geloven, L Welch, S Crowe, B Mayer and RD Beckie (2020)
Geoscience BC Summary of Activities 2019Energy and Water, Geoscience BC, Report 2020-02, p. 145-160
Open access report

Implementation and operation of a multidisciplinary field investigation involving a subsurface controlled natural gas release, northeastern British Columbia 
AG Cahill, B Ladd, J Chao, J Soares, T Cary, N Finke, C Manning, C Chopra I Hawthorne, ON Forde, KU Mayer, A Black, S Crowe, B Mayer, R Lauer, C van Geloven, C., L Welch, and RD Beckie (2019)
Geoscience BC Summary of Activities 2018Energy and Water, Geoscience BC, Report 2019-2, p. 95–104
Open access report