US OCB Summer Workshop 2024

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Manning et al. (2024) – Methane fluxes from the Arctic Ocean: Carbon bomb or not so strong?

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I expect to hire a graduate student to start in fall 2025, who would most likely work on oceanic and coastal measurements of ecosystem productivity and oxygen, though other topics are possible as well. Fill out this online form to be notified when the position advertisement is available.

Our lab is seeking cruise opportunities for 2025 onward. If you have berths available on upcoming cruises please email me. We are capable of continuous surface measurements of CO2, N2O, O2, N2, and Ar, and discrete measurements of CH4, N2O, O2, N2, and Ar.

Check out Intro to Oceanography – the Spotify playlist!

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Long Island Sound Conference 2024

Manning et al. (2024) – Methane and nitrous oxide distributions and sea-air fluxes in western Long Island Sound

OSM 2024 presentation on Baffin Bay

Presentation slides

Manning et al. (2024) –  Remineralization and circulation in Baffin Bay investigated with nitrogen concentration and isotopic tracers

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